The greatest quality of the Prophet’s mosque in Madinah was that everyone belonged. Mansfield Islamic Center similarly strives to establish a welcoming culture and environment. Our motivation is – and by the will of Allah will continue to be – the spiritual, psychological, emotional, and physical needs of the community. Putting people first is our philosophy.

The vision for Mansfield Islamic Center consists of:

  • Gym
  • Youth center and lounge
  • Counseling center
  • Daycare and playground facilities
  • Park and picnic area
  • Separate fitness centers for men and women
  • Prayer space that is accommodating and inclusive of women
  • Banquet hall
  • Educational complex
  • Library
  • Ample parking
  • Office spaces for rent to generate income for MIC

The first phase of construction has began, the parking lot has been completed, the next additions to the project will be the gym, youth center, clinic,  and temporary prayer room (musalla) all located on the first floor on the facility.

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Concept Images

Construction Photos

Completed Parking Lot Photos

Photos form our first fundraiser with Junaid Jamshed

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