Quran Classes

Reading and learning how to recite the Quran with tajweed is a responsibility on every person whether it be a child or adult. In order to help everyone fulfill this responsibility, the Mansfield Islamic Center will be offering a weekly Quranic program. This program will focus mainly on children in order to help them reach a level where they can read the Quran fluently with tajweed. This program will take place Monday-Thursday 6-7 pm at the Mansfield Islamic Center and it will be conducted by Imam Mohamed Herbert (Imam MIC).

If you have any specific questions, please contact Imam Mohamed Herbert via Email Imam@mansfieldmasjid.com


Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How do you teach children to read the Quran?


We will normally start off the child with a book titled The Quranic Reader. This book focuses on the Arabic alphabet, followed by connecting letters and then finally studying words and verses from the Quran.

Q: When do the classes take place?

Monday – Thursday   6-7 p.m.

Q: Who will be teaching these classes?

A: Imam Mohamed Herbert (Imam of MIC) will be the teacher. He has memorized the entire Quran and has several ijazaat in Qira’ah. 

Q: What are the ages of children that can attend this class?

A: Currently we are taking children – boys and girls from the ages of  7 and up.

Q: Are there any fees to enroll my children in the classes?

A: Yes; $50 for one child to be in the reading class.

Q: What if I cannot afford to send my child(ren)?

A: If you are not able to pay the fixed amount of money to enroll your child, you are not obligated to do so. Teaching your child how to recite the Quran is far more important to us than the money. However, if you can afford it, please do pay the fixed amount.

Q: When must the fee be paid?

A: We prefer that you pay the fee within the first week of the month. If by any chance there is a situation where it cannot be paid in the first week, simply let the teacher know about it.

Q: Is there a certain dress code for the students?

A: Yes.

Boys are to wear something that is simple. Wearing shorts and clothing that contain images of people and/or inappropriate writing is not allowed.

Girls are to wear a hijab and abaya that covers the body completely.