Ramdan Mubarak! -2016

Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullah, I am pleased to announce that alhamdullillah we have been blessed to see another Ramadan! tonight, June 5th 2016 will mark the first night of taraweeh. Naturally, tomorrow June 6th will be the first day for fasting. I pray Allah accepts from all of us and allows us to make the most of this Ramadan! Aameen! Moreover, as we do every year, the masjid will host iftaar (meal for breaking fast) every night everyone is invited please come and enjoy some great food with a great community. We will also have the nightly taraweeh prayers and daily reminders/ lessons lead by Imam Mohamed Herbert, Shaikh Abdul Nasir Jangda, and a few guest speakers! we look forward to having a great, fun, peaceful, and extremely rewarding ramadan!!


Ramadan Mubarak to all of you and your families!!!

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